The two buttons below are links to my two Pony Express Books.  THE PONY EXPRESS RIDER is a story of a young boy orphaned in the Ruby Mountains in Eastern Nevada.  The book is about his growing up and riding for the PONY.

RUBY GOLD is a second book starting when the first one is finished.  Ronnie Campbell has a large story to tell, the locations are real some of the people are real but the rest is from my many of my life trials and a active mind.



 Hi. I am Ron Bell. I have been testing the problem of getting nutrition to starving plants around the western states.  Nevada I have found has a lack of bio-available minerals and very little bio-mass in the sandy soil.  Many if not most of my customers are having trees starting to show stress, this can be caused by many different problems.  Lack of water, lack of proper nutrients, pest infestation, don't want to leave out the heat and cold.


 Happy Roots and Shoots was started as a testing company using BAM-FX positive charged ionic form of Copper / Zinc product that was developed for growing better crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, onions. Trees or nut crops and fruit trees all benefit from this product.  I started testing BAM-FX on orchard stressed trees and backyard ornamentals.  What I found was eye opening, trees started to recover.


 The next phase was to find a superior low salt fertilizer to use in Nevada that would fit with BAM-FX in a tank mix.  This product is GOLD'nGRO produced in Stead Nevada.  The next part was to find a product that will deal with high salt and alkaline soil and also have a product that can help open clay soil so water can reach the roots.

  Author The Pony Express Rider, AG Happy Roots and Shoots, Pony Express

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